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Wooden Gate Warranty

Our Wooden Supplies softwood and hardwood gates are covered by a 10 year warranty against inherent defects such as manufacturing, treatment failure and fitness for purpose.

Manufacturing refers to joinery best practices not being followed, resulting in poor quality craftsmanship.

Treatment failure refers to the product being attacked by wood destroying fungi that feed on and degenerate the wood cell walls but it excludes patching and mould fungi associated with the natural weathering of wood which occurs over time.

Fitness for purpose refers to the gates ability solely to perform as a gate and not the customer's choice of gate for the intended application.

If any problems occur during the lifetime of the warranty, we will replace the item FREE of charge, unless they are the result of unsuitable paint finish, poor fitting, inappropriate ironwork, no maintenance, acts of vandalism, accidental damage, operator misuse or unsuitable operating environments.

Gates must have been fitted with reasonable tolerances to allow for seasonal movements- for this reason we would always recommend the use of adjustable hinges.

Our gates will arrive with a preservative dip coat and must be painted or stained with a quality paint or stain suitable for the job, prior to fitting and every 2 years after to validate this warranty.

Gates must also be kept clean and free of organic matter build up.

We will accept minor alterations of adding hinges, locks, latches, bolts, automation kits and letterboxes to the product however all other alterations are excluded and any cuts made to the timber must be retreated with Ronseal End Grain Preserve or similar.

We would not recommend the use of fillers to make good. The re-application of paint or stain brushed well into the cracked areas will remove colour contrasts and provide additional protection to these areas. If for cosmetic reasons the use of filler is desired, then these should be of the highly flexible type which will accommodate subsequent movement of the products through seasonal changes.

When making a claim, proof of purchase and date supplied must be provided.

This warranty is for the replacement of the original product purchased only and does not cover the costs of removal and reinstatement of the product or consequential costs or losses incurred due to the failure of the product. This warranty does not cover automation kits, locks, hinges, bearings, rollers and other additional parts subject to wear and tear. This warranty is transferable to new owners.

Finally, timber is a natural product and may be subject to the development of cracks and fissures, particularly in large section timbers exposed to the elements. As per the findings of TRADA (Timber Research and Development Association) fissures running parallel with the grain do not affect the strength and durability of the product and are not considered a defect under this warranty.

We offer a 10 year warranty on all hardwood and softwood gates manufactured by us only. The product page will specify if this warranty is valid on the product. If the warrany is not stated on the product page then it is not valid on that product.