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Custom Dog Kennel with Secure Run

A customers dog kennel being made to measure in our workshop. The client wanted a bespoke dog kennel made to suit an area within their garden. Our joiners made this kennel from treated softwood, with an insulated covered bed area and a covered run.



Location: Paulerspury (nr Towcester) Brief: To design a bespoke garage that was to be temperature controlled with green roof and sliding doors for the client to house cars as well as a gymnasium and storage shed. The client had a 21 x 6 mtr space at the bottom of his gardens and was looking for an innovative designed garage to house his cars as well as a gym and shed space. The building had certain height restrictions due to building regulations and needed to incorporate a modern “green roof” this... Read More



Client: Higgins Construction. Location: Bromley-by-Bow. Brief: To design and build a decorative boat planter. To achieve a large boat shaped planter in keeping with the location of the project next to the iconic river Thames. The challenge was to achieve the smooth contours of a boat shape in Iroko hardwood with a steel liner incorporated into the structure. Response: Following several design meetings with our draughtsman and senior joiner we agreed on what was achievable given the complexity of shaping wood in both axis. Once we had a design the... Read More


What is Artifical Grass?

What is artificial grass? Artificial grass is a synthetic alternative to traditional, natural lawn that is affordable and easy to maintain. Originally developed as an attempt to create an all-weather sports surface, it is used worldwide as domestic and commercial lawn. Wooden Supplies now offers a wide range of artificial grass products direct from Lano Sports, a leading supplier of imitation lawn sports surfaces. Quick and easy installation natural appearance UV-resistant extremely durable a lush green garden all year round feels like natural grass minimal maintenance withstands all weather conditions... Read More

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Cracking and Splitting in Timber

Cracking and Splitting in Timber (Taken from Richards blog at www.tuin.co.uk) Timber – A bit of a pain Summer in general is a complete pain for our industry, it’s at this point we get customers questioning the ‘quality’ of our timber used in some of our products as some cracks and splits start to appear in items that use posts such as play equipment and gazebos. Thankfully, it’s not just us either; every single supplier of timber products for the garden gets exactly the same thing. Summer historically costs the... Read More

Wood Types

Wood Types Wooden Supplies offers a wide range of products, many of which are made from various different kinds of wood. Here is a list to help you familiarize yourself with the types used in the UK timber industry. Scandinavian Redwood (Latin: Pinus Sylvestrus) Scandinavian Pine (also referred to as ‘redwood’ to differentiate it from ‘whitewood’ such as Spruce) is imported from Sweden, Finland and Russia. The grades vary for different uses. Knots are common but their size and quality vary according to the part of the tree from which boards... Read More