Accoya Wood

Accoya wood is the result of decades of research and development that has bought together a long-established and extensively proven wood modification technique – and leading-edge patented technology to create a high performance wood, ideal for outdoor use and challenging applications. Accoya wood has been tested over prolonged periods in all types of weathering conditions – above ground, below ground and even in water – and has been proven to withstand even the toughest of external environments, Not only is its durability proven, but it has also been shown to... Read More


Cottesbrooke Pale driveway gates with Ashton Side gate made in Accoya

Beautiful curved top Cottesbrooke Pale driveway 12ft pair made from Accoya fitted by Autogates     Created from sustainably-sourced wood, Accoya® undergoes a proprietary, non-toxic acetylation process that permanently modifies the wood to the core. The result: an environmentally friendly solid wood with durability, dimensional stability and beauty that matches or exceeds even the best tropical hardwood.