Preparing your fencing for Winter

As the weeks and months move towards winter, now is the time to think about checking and repairing any posts and fence panels that may have become damaged over the spring and summer. Many of us don’t give much attention to our fencing, but over the year they do suffer wear and tear. The hot weather in the summer tends to dry them out and then when the colder months set in, this can cause cracks to appear within the posts and panels.  The winter months tend to bring high... Read More

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Cracking and Splitting in Timber

Cracking and Splitting in Timber (Taken from Richards blog at Timber – A bit of a pain Summer in general is a complete pain for our industry, it’s at this point we get customers questioning the ‘quality’ of our timber used in some of our products as some cracks and splits start to appear in items that use posts such as play equipment and gazebos. Thankfully, it’s not just us either; every single supplier of timber products for the garden gets exactly the same thing. Summer historically costs the... Read More


How To Build A Fence Using Panels

Installing Your Fence Installing fence panels Attach panel clips to the post using galvanised nails. Locate a panel into the panel clips and attach also using galvanised nails. Install another post at the end of the panel and continue in this way until the fence is complete. Fitting gravel boards All timber panels should be isolated from ground level to avoid rot. Gravel boards are used to fill the resulting gaps on both level and sloping fences . Use gravel board clips to attach the boards to the posts as shown. Planning your fence Install your first post... Read More


How To Build A Fence Using Pales

Choosing the most suitable type of fence for your needs Tools Required • Tape measure • Spade • Saw • Power drill • Spirit level • Hammer • Pencil • String Line Materials Required Will depend on the type of fence and type of installation you decide upon. See below for the basic requirements. Panel Fences Uses • Privacy • Marking boundaries • Screening unsightly areas Paled Fences Uses • marking boundaries • decorative boundaries Installing Your Posts Installing posts directly into the ground: If the posts are to be installed directly into the ground ensure... Read More


How To Install Trellis

Trellis has many uses in a garden. It can provide a framework for climbing plants, conceal unsightly areas or act as a division between garden areas. It may also be used to add height to an existing fence – either as a decorative feature or to provide more privacy. Fixing trellis to a wall Wall mounted trellis requires a space between it and the wall to allow plants to grow behind it. The trellis should be mounted on wooden battens to provide this space. The battens should be mounted on the wall vertically so... Read More