New range – SAIGE Composite decking

SAiGE Longlife Composite Decking is an Environmentally-Sourced Modern Alternative to Traditional Timber Decking. SAiGE Longlife Decking, is an innovative, environmentally sourced composite landscape products for both residential and commercial projects. Composite decking and fencing, and associated products, designed to complement the most luxurious of spaces in contemporary and rustic styles. The Composite Decking is a highly stylish, low maintenance alternative to standard decking. Created from recycled materials, composite decking will last longer and perform better than with standard materials while ensuring that you won’t have to spend time and money... Read More


Landscaping Materials

A great use of our sleepers and decking, all available from our web site. We have sourced the best quality landscape products to help you create beautiful gardens and outdoor spaces.


What is Artifical Grass?

What is artificial grass? Artificial grass is a synthetic alternative to traditional, natural lawn that is affordable and easy to maintain. Originally developed as an attempt to create an all-weather sports surface, it is used worldwide as domestic and commercial lawn. Wooden Supplies now offers a wide range of artificial grass products direct from Lano Sports, a leading supplier of imitation lawn sports surfaces. Quick and easy installation natural appearance UV-resistant extremely durable a lush green garden all year round feels like natural grass minimal maintenance withstands all weather conditions... Read More

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Cracking and Splitting in Timber

Cracking and Splitting in Timber (Taken from Richards blog at Timber – A bit of a pain Summer in general is a complete pain for our industry, it’s at this point we get customers questioning the ‘quality’ of our timber used in some of our products as some cracks and splits start to appear in items that use posts such as play equipment and gazebos. Thankfully, it’s not just us either; every single supplier of timber products for the garden gets exactly the same thing. Summer historically costs the... Read More

Artificial Grass, Preparing the ground

Getting Ready to install your new artificial lawn There are several installation options available, below is a outline of the most commonly applied methods for your information. we have also provided a helpful guide on, Installation of artificial grass, and how to Maintaining your artificial lawn   How much Artificial grass do you need? When determining the length and width of lawn you require, do not forget to add a little extra that will be lost during cutting. It is recommended to make a draft design, and determine how the turf... Read More